About Me:

I’m Ronan, an Irish engineer and entrepreneur.

I studied at UCD and MIT, where I mostly focused on desalination.

I co-founded and sold Sandymount Technologies, an MIT spin-out. Sandymount brought to market a new membrane technology capable of producing high quality concentrated beverages, including beer. It was acquired by Alfa Laval in 2020.

I also co-founded and ran a hand-sanitiser business during COVID, making $750,000 in profits that were directed to community charities in the US.

I now live in Dublin and am focused on:

  1. Running my investing business (startups + public stocks).

  2. Building payments and accounting software on crypto payment rails at Trelis.com

  3. Writing here at The Blip - mostly about my investing and building.

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I hope you enjoy and learn something from reading. And don’t hesitate to comment on the website or reply to my emails.