A few things:

-My understanding is that "an Irish solution to an Irish problem" referred to Haughey's 1979 bill allowing contraception to be used only by prescription: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_Irish_solution_to_an_Irish_problem

-A typo: WWI *ended* in 1918

-In his book 10% Less Democracy, Garrett Jones approvingly cites the Seanad as an example of a deliberative body of elites which puts a check on pure democracy. The usual way to have political figures be longer-term in their timelines is to have longer terms or only serve one term, so that they are not beholden to concerns of re-election.

-"there have been 38 amendments to the constitution, although quite a few of them didn’t pass the public vote, and some never even made it to the public vote stage." Do you mean *proposed* amendments? I am struggling to see how an amendment wouldn't make it to the public vote.

-The Irish constitution apparently disallows titles of nobility, which has been interpreted to include knighthoods and citizen honours (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_honours_system). This honestly seems like a great shame to me and I would like to see some sort of 'Order of Ireland' awards for great achievement

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