Probably late to submission—but overall this is great.

Quick suggestions:

-hypostatize the “loss” offset in Section 1 and 4 as ~57x (cap gains taxed @ 33% [or whatever the effective income/cap gains rate is on avg] v 41% is really only a loss of like 5.2M euro)

-maybe instantiate the take-home difference in salaries between US/Ireland in Q2, Section 4 and highlight that cost of living really is commensurable, esp. in Dublin. A reflexive reader might just say that higher US cost of living/less public benefits warrant the higher Irish rate. This isn’t true at all in my view (USian in Ireland).

-Q4 I’d considering adding mention that Ireland is way right-shifted on the Laffer curve, and that counterintuitively more moderate/competitive employment taxes could engender greater and more sustainable redistribution potential.

Also, I’m not personally a fan of LVT/cap gains exemptions on primary residences as an Irish homeowner, but this is well argued & ultimately you’re right.

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