Thoughts on improving regulations

February 2023

A Tiny Bootcamp

January 2023

Talmud, Fun and Growth

December 2022

Plus! Progressive Ireland, a Pyramid and Farmers

November 2022

Plus! Lessons from the Danish Krone

October 2022

Plus! What I'm building in digital security and payments

September 2022

Smoke and Mirrors

June 2022

Plus! Insufficient one night stands, short-sightedness, and, XY or XX.

April 2022

Hi folks, if you missed last month's newsletter, I accidentally sent it from a noreply address... ooops. Here it is if you missed it. A quick summary…
Hi folks, quite a bit this month - two pieces on the energy front and then a fun auction podcast. A quick summary: ⚡️ Energy Solutions ☀️ Is Bitcoin…

March 2022

Hi folks, Ronan here and welcome to the February edition of my monthly newsletter! In this month's newsletter: 📈 Ukraine: Two Charts and a Poem 💸…

February 2022

Summary: Never miss a leap year Recognising talent on the dance floor The virtues of cash O Canada The future Leap Years It's well known that every four…